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rendering mortar chamber
FRZ /WLA ramp
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EN 1015-21

(Fully automatic thermal stress test)
Emmanuel E. Chryssagis
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CDR E. CHRYSSAGIS is the first European company that produces a fully automatic chamber that reproduces a complete thermal stress test on rendering mortar according to the EN 1015-21 standard.
FRZ/WLA ramp is a PLC programmable chamber that subjects a specimen of rendering mortar to the appropriate mixture cycles of infrared heating, conditioning in temperature and humidity precision atmosphere, soaking in water and freezing in air without the need of moving specimens to different appliances.
Every company can reproduce the stress test without the cost of buying three or four different appliances and without the need of large space in the laboratory. Human cost is also reduced because laboratory staff is occupied only at the beginning of the test to prepare and insert the specimen in the chamber and at the end of the process for evaluation purposes.
The advanced control system is equipped with a large touch control TFT screen. A mimic plant and easily read and controlled menus which inform continuously and in real time with all the necessary data about the actual process step, actual temperature and humidity precision, time and steps left. An optional continuous paper recorder makes possible the reading of reports with indication of all needed parameters for a complete and right evaluation of functioning cycles.
21 years of CDR EM. CHRYSSAGIS experience ensures that FRZ/WLA ramp chamber is built to last. It is constructed with special selected high quality materials and parts. It is equipped with tropical designed refrigeration and dehumidification systems and with an electronic ultrasonic based humidification system that is fine tuned for precision.
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