Tailor made constructions
If you are looking through product literature and you cannot find something that suits your specific needs then CDR E. CHRYSSAGIS has the solution.

At CDR E. CHRYSSAGIS we can design and produce that special one-off equipment - test machine at an affordable price. The process starts by consultation to gain an understanding of your problem and then utilizing our widely experienced resources to propose an acceptable solution.

A customized chamber can mean many things, from a small modification to one of the standard EN, DIN and ASTM series to a complete unique design for a special product. Some of the modifications that can be provided are fast temperature rates of change, extreme conditions, special entry ports, intrinsically safe working rooms and special test machines for newly introduced standards.

We can also supply chambers for materials testing machines and integration of endurance and fatigue test rigs to simulate real life operating conditions. Sometimes this may require modification to the test chamber structure to allow mounting of the testing product or sample. Sometimes a change of an old standard demands to rebuild a pre-owned test machine.
Aphid suction trap. Network of 7 insect traps installed all over Greece for monitoring aphid density .
Environment controlled chamber dedicated for monument storage and protection at the Isthmia Museum.
Mushroom Cultivation chamber for research laboratory
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Yoghurt Cultivation chamber for research laboratory
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