Walk-in Growth plant chambers
Walk-in GRW/CMP2

CDR’s plant growth rooms provide simulated environment for demanding research in agricultural, biological, ecological and other life science laboratories.

They control  temperature, humidity, light intensity and photoperiod, watering, CO2 concentration, plus any atmospheric composition by order with maximum precision-stability-reliability.

Plant growth rooms can be designed and constructed at the client’s requested specifications with a wide variety of optional accessories. They can be manufacture at any dimensions so they can accommodate even in limited laboratory space or client budget.
They are installed by our experienced technicians at any location. Please contact our sales department for ordering advice and to inform you about the company that supports your local market.


CDR E. CHRYSSAGIS manufactures rooms equipped with two different light systems. Rooms with non-barrier light canopies where the lamps are within the working space and rooms with-barrier light canopies where the lamps are outside the working space. According to the light system the air flow may be vertical (upward) or horizontal offering different advantages.  

Groth Plant chamber
Walk-in GRW/CMP2

“CMP2” is our 24 years of experience, PLC based touch screen control system that offers program flexibility and multi step control for every parameter.

All models feature an attractive, corrosion and UV-resistant enamel finish on galvanize steel walls, which assure long service life. High density, fireproof, non CFC polyurethane insulation saves on energy consumption.

Standard features include a double glazed observation window incorporated in the door with light-tight darkening cover, additive humidification and refrigeration based dehumidification system, tropical designed refrigeration system, uniform air distribution,  watering plant system and instrument ports.

All our plant growth rooms carry CE marks and are covered by a comprenhensive warranty.

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